Centaurs lunches and the AGM at the Sun Inn, Richmond...


Minutes of the 90th Annual General Meeting held on on Wednesday 31 May 2017 at Don Fernando's Tapas Restaurant, Richmond.

Present:  J Gaskell, S East, P Gibson, and 7 other members.    

1. Apologies for absence.

Huw Hopkins, Dennis Stacey, Mike Bailey, Richard Clubb, Roy Farrant, Jerry Goldie, Lawrie Salter & Paul Williams

2. Minutes of previous AGM.

Minutes of the AGM held on 25 May 2016 had been published on the Clubs web-site. These were approved unanimously by the meeting

3. Treasurers Report.

 Paul Gibson tabled copies of the Income & Expenditure Statement and the balance sheet for the year ending 31st August 2016. For the 2015/2016 season there had been a loss of 308.16 and it had been possible to provide a donation of 4000 to Russell Clark by means of contributions from the 100 Club (3400) and members donations (600). At the year end the balance sheet stood at 2715 and the predicted worth of the 100 Club was 5506.

The accounts were approved unanimously. 

4. Chairman's  Report.

Simon East reported on the 2016/2017 playing season on behalf of Huw Hopkins who was unable to attend and had sent his apologies. It had been another very good season, the Club having played 0, won 0, drawn 0 and lost 0 - points for 0, points against 0. Once again the Club had enjoyed an unblemished disciplinary record.

However, as far as the Club was concerned, it had been a very sad year when we have lost four members or past players - Graham Forbes, Tim Butland, Robbie Lambert and John Hibberd.

Graham had been an active member and supporter of the Club right up to his passing in April 2017. He had fought his illnesses with an amazing  courage and he will be greatly missed at the next Centaurs function. The meeting raised their glasses and drank in his memory.

5. Club Sommelier's Report

The Sommelier reported that we had drunk well throughout the season and believed that there was a strong correlation between the Club's wine consumption and the effects of the ageing process. At the last Past Player's event he supplied a Chardonnay that he described as "spiffing" together with a good red from Languedoc. Next season he will be looking towards the New World and may well consider a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

Special thanks go to Katie who has taken over from Margie at The Sun and, as well as preparing excellent food, has been very helpful in the choice of wines.

6. Election of Officers.

John Gaskell was ratified as Club President by acclaim.

Simon East was proposed as Chairman by Rob Clubb, seconded by Bob Myhill and elected unimously.

Paul Astbury was proposed as Secretary by John Gaskell, seconded by Mike Dixonand elected unimously.

Paul Gibson was proposed as Treasurer by Rob Clubb, seconded by Bob Williams and elected unimously.

There were 3 candidates standing for the position of Club Sommelier and the results of the ballot were:

Bob Williams - 8 votes, Les Mclaren - 1 vote, Gerald Classey - 0 votes, Lawrie Salter (who was not standing)  - 1 vote

Bob Williams was therefore elected to serve as Club Sommellier for another season.

It was agreed by acclaim that Huw Hopkins should continue as Chairman of Selectors. Jim Magee, our Coordinator of International & Local Player Development had had a difficult season ( the game that he had arranged was cancelled by the opposition). However, it was resolved to help Jim find a suitable opposition for the coming season

7. Election of Hon. Auditor.

Dennis Stacey had sent his aplogies but it was hoped that he would be willing to continue in this role.

8.  Any other business.

There was no other business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.15 pm.