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An E-Mail from Tom MacDonald


Hello All,  

MacDonaldPaul's email has stirred the little grey cells, and prompted me to mention that this year, up in the far North, Duncan Trench and I came across a former Centaurs player who we didn't know!

You may or may not know that I am in Bolton and spend time at my old club, Bolton RUFC, where the old farts have their own Compost Corner. Duncan Trench, who was a Centaur for a couple of seasons early 80s, is the Club Treasurer, and has been for a number of years. On a visit to Twickers last 6-Nations, a guy said, while close to Gillette Corner, 'I used to play up there', and Duncan replied, 'So did I. Not Centaurs, surely?' and the usual 'Did you know ....', and 'What about .....' followed.

This guy was Tim Richards, and from speaking with him while watching one of the Lions series, he must have been there very late 70s, as I joined 1980 and I didn't know him.MacDonald 2

Anyway, he had been at Bolton for several years, played I think once or twice, but introduced his lads into the juniors and became involved in that section until they grew out of it and discovered the usual vices!

I've attached a photo of Duncan (bespectacled), myself, and Bolton's Club Captain enjoying a 'wee swallie' in Compost Corner, and a picture I took of Tim at the afore-mentioned Lions game, in case anyone's interested? Haven't seen him since, as his lad(s) no longer play, but he's in this area!